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Kurulus Osman 136

Review of Kurulus Osman 136 in Urdu

Volume 136 is going to be very interesting, with Usman Ber fighting fiercely against the Mars forces, while Yakub Bey is preparing for war with Mehmed Bey commanding a large force. On the other hand, Mehmed Bey is planning to kill Urhan Bey, what is going to happen in volume 136, all questions will be answered in today’s video. So keep watching until the end.

The second trailer of Kurulus Usman Volume 136 is seen at the very beginning, Usman Bey is motivating the soldiers by telling the events of the Battle of Khandak, Usman Bey will attack the Mangal forces with all his forces, Usman Bey will completely destroy the Mangal forces and their hideouts with the planning and bravery of his army. Bey, Uthman Bey will kill everyone, including the messengers sent by Mars commander Olzaitu Khan.

Uthman Bey will not pay taxes again, Mars Commander Oljaitu Khan will be very angry with this news. In the next 2-4 episodes, he might send a huge force against Usman Bey and Yaqub Be, because at the end of the trailer, Usman Bey is seen saying that our fight will continue against Mangal and the Crusade forces. So it is understood that Usman Bey knew for sure that Oljaitu Khan was going to send a large Mars force very soon.

In the second scene of the trailer, we see Yakub Bey discussing all the beams and the army, it means that they are preparing for a war, in the trailer Yakub Bey says that my son Mehmed will lead this army, now the question is which war are they preparing for? Basically in the last episode we saw a group of crusaders attack Sogu under the orders of spy trader Ayhan Aga.

But all of them will be defeated, according to the information, Ayhan Agha, the chief spy of the crusade forces, will know that Usman Bey is not in the fort, on this occasion, he will encamp near Sogut with a large group of crusaders to completely capture and destroy the fortress of Sogut.

And they want to take over the Sogut fortress completely, but Yakub Bey is planning to resist it with all his army, in this fight, Urhan Ber army and Yakub Ber army will fight together against the Crusader army, we get hints of such battle in the trailer. more

Another scene in the trailer shows a soldier from Sanjaksizlar’s army on the orders of Mehmed Ber going to kill Urhan Bey, an attack planned by Mehmed Bey while fighting the crusaders, but he is unsuccessful.

However, if you look at the last few episodes, it can be seen that Alauddin Bey is shown to be more powerful and intelligent than director Urhan Ber in this series, but Urhan Bey was also intelligent in history, I hope that the director Urhan Bey will show him fully in the coming episodes. However, it is mentioned in the history that people from all walks of life wanted Alauddin be Sultan.

But Usman Bey wanted Orhan Gazi to sit on the throne, so Orhan Bey became Sultan, then Orhan Bey offered Alauddin to divide the power in two but Alauddin Bey did not accept his proposal, he gave the throne to Orhan Bey… What a nice hearted person Alauddin was. Well, the Ottoman Empire became stronger because of his beautiful three decisions, he is Alauddin Ali Pasha!!! more

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