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Kurulus Osman 135 Urdu

Assalamu Alaikum dear Kurulus loving brothers and sisters. Hope you all are well. Today we will discuss several parts of last Episode

Kurulus Osman 135 in Urdu

Conquest and Handover of Lefke Fort: We see Sultan Mesoud die at the beginning of Season 5. As a result, a cold war began between Osman Bey and Yaqub Bey over who would be the Sultan. We see at the end of volume 133 that Osman Bey heads to Lefk with the Flagless, preparing to conquer Lefk. But before that, Yakup Bey Lef conquered the fort.

At the beginning of volume 134 we see, Osman Bey Lef goes to the fortress and he encounters Yakup Bey. Because Yakup Bey had already captured Lef. Yaqub Bey blamed Osman Bey in various ways for bringing the flagless with him. Because the flagless attacked and plundered various caravans. Due to which he underestimated the purpose of conquering the fort.

Yaqub Bey handed over his conquered Lef to the hands of Durg Osman Bey to prove himself as a worthy leader before the people and the Beygan. However, Osman Bey Lefke did not conquer the fort. After handing over the fort to Lef, Yaqub Bey offered Osman Bey to pledge allegiance to him. However, Usman Bey denied. Then Yakup Bey left the fort, inviting the Garmians to go to the new market on the frontier.

And Osman Bey also realized that Yaqub Bey was offering to hand over the fort to humiliate Osman Bey and ruin his reputation. Osman Bey also welcomed. Because, if Osman Bey had rejected the proposal, then Osman Bey would have been proved as a rebel before all the Beys and the people. Not only that, Osman Bey does not want peace, he does not know how to do anything other than war and looting. Because of this, Osman Bey took Lefke fort. Then Osman Bey ensured the security of the fort.

Retrieving Treasure: We saw in last volume 133 that rhan Bey went to a place called Black Arena to retrieve treasure. And behind him, Mehmet Bey and Atmaja disguised themselves as crusaders and attacked. And Orhan Bey was injured in that attack. In volume 134 we see that with the help of Holofera and the treatment of Dervish Yunush Emor he recovered somewhat. And Mehmet Bey recovered the treasure and headed for the Garmian settlement.

Since it was Orhan Bey’s responsibility to retrieve the treasure, Urhan Bey decided to retrieve the treasure without worrying about his own life. Orhan Bey took a handful of Alps and attacked Mehmet Bey with a large army and disguised himself as a Martian by using Mehmet Ber’s strategy. Mehmet Bey was also seriously injured. And Orhan Bey recovered the treasure and brought it to Yenisehir.

Holofera’s decision to return to his homeland: Urhan Bey and Holofera arrive at Yenisehi’s palace together with the treasure. When Malhun Hatun found out that Holofera helped Urhan Bey recover from his injuries, Malhun Hatun expressed his gratitude to Holofera. When Urhan Bey was injured we saw how much Holofera cared for Urhan Bey and it was proven that Holofera loved Urhan Bey too.

But when Malhun Hatun was dissatisfied with Holofera, Malhun Hatun ordered Urhan Bey to arrange for Holofera to return to his native land. Despite his love for Holofera, Urhan Bey was forced to obey his mother’s orders. And Holoferao does not decide to leave his love and go back to his native land. If Holofera wanted to stay, Orhan Bey could not convince Holofera by promising to explain to his mother, Malhun Hatun.

Ambush at Yenisehi’s palace, treasure stolen and Boran Bey seriously injured: Osman Bey Lefke was returning from the fortress to Yenisehi’s palace when he met a trade caravan midway. Usman Bey became acquainted with Ayhan Agha, the head of this caravan. Just then the crusaders attacked the caravan. Osman Bey and Tara Alpra together resisted it.

Ayhan Bey’s caravan was protected by Uthman Bey, Ayhan Bey gave Uthman Bey a gift in return. But Usman Bey accepted it in exchange for gold coins. Usman Bey also invited Ayhan Bey to visit Yenisehi Palace. But Ayhan Bey was a disguised merchant. His true identity is that he is the leader of the Crusades. He is surrounded by masters.

And Vasilis entered Yenisehi’s palace in disguise at the behest of Ustad Ghera. The midway convoy attack was a ruse. Ostad Ghera and Vasilis plan to ambush Yenisehir and steal the treasure. In Osman Bey’s absence, Vasilis and Atmaja with their allies made a secret attack. Boran Bey was seriously injured in that attack. And they looted all the wealth from the treasury.

Pledge of Allegiance to Osman Bey Yakup Bey: After the disguised Ayhan Bey arrived in Yenisehir, Osman Bey accompanied Ayhan Bey to the new market on the border of Garmians. Then he visited Kai Basti’s shop. And Ayhan Bey saw the new market and offered Osman Bey to buy all the shops on one side of the new market on the border. more

So that Ayhan Bey could continue to trade with Osman Bey and Kayi Basti had more influence in the market. Which was the instigation and conspiracy of Ustad Ghera i.e. Ayhan Bey in disguise. Usman Bay also bought many shops for the sake of trade. A dinner party was arranged for Osman Bey in Yakup Bey’s tabu. Sitting at the dinner table, Yaqub asked Osman Bey if Osman Bey would pledge allegiance to Yaqub Bey. Then Osman Bay also wants to know, More

Keno Osman Bey went to conquer the fortress, he advanced and occupied it. At one point they started blaming each other. Despite Osman Bey’s unwillingness, he pledged allegiance to Yaqub Bey for strategic reasons. Osman Bey promised to stay behind Yaqub Bey as long as he did not deviate from the path of Kalimar’s call. Author: Md Delwar Hossain

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