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Alparslan Episode 61 in Urdu Review

. It’s always you around a lot of guys Alparslan Episode 61 in Urdu Review . Gee! Ca n’t women watch basketball, my servant? joyful music Shut up. I’ll break your head.You’re right. I know this will solve the Habtor thing, but it’s Goran and the Manager that really got me thinking . How are we on this? We’re right under the Habtor’s nose, with nowhere to run. Don’t underestimate him. You know very well what kind of devil he is . Of course I know, don’t I know?

Alparslan Episode 61 in Urdu Review

Don’t worry, mayor, but I’m after Goran just like you. It is obvious that the armament in the East is among those who intend to destroy our territorial integrity , but for whom this struggle is fought, for which country it is working, we need to find it. Yes, you said it right. We have received new information. A very reliable intelligence source said that a Russian agent and a British agent are meeting. The place is clear. Well, their identities are known, who are they? No, that’s all the information we have for now.

This meeting will be in a very famous restaurant. Tomorrow evening. Tomorrow evening? Is there anything? There’s this Hartman Foundation’s ball tomorrow night , and I was going to it. But it’s okay, I’ll go, it’s okay. No no. You set up your team, they’ll handle it. Because there will be very important businessmen and bureaucrats at the ball. You will need us there more. All right, sir. message voice Thank you. What’s up? The children had gone to the operation. The operation was successful.

They took Ferhat’s killers. emotional music Our son’s blood did not stay on the ground. It’s gone. Those who sacrifice their lives for the sake of the country never die. tension music door opens Where have you been for hours? I’m here, I’m here. Our daughter is writhing here in pain, you are not doing anything. Jasmin, calm down. I will do anything for my daughter. But there are other things I have to do first.

You took my son from me years ago because of your work . Now you want to take my daughter? No. But you have to wait. thriller continues Is what you’re doing really more important than our daughter? Jasmin… music drops Don’t be bothered. Friends, it was a very successful operation, I congratulate you. The President also conveyed his love to you.

Alparslan Episode 61 in Urdu Review

Only you know, we have to hand these men over to the police after questioning them . I need it, right bro? We have to deliver them to safety. But they did not pity our brother. Ezgi, calm down. It hurts, I know. They took all of our lives. I understand you, I know what you want to do, but brother Yıldırım is right. Let’s get their statements, then the rest is justice. They will take the necessary punishment. Alright. No doubt. The President shared some information with me.

The meeting will take place at a restaurant this evening . Alparslan Episode 61 in Urdu Review thriller music A Russian agent and a British agent. Are their identities known? No, their identities are not known yet, but the intelligence is solid. The meeting will be at 20.30. First of all, we have to scan the place and dominate the place. Türkoğlu, what happened to this food issue with you, inspector lady? Same. Okay? Good. Then meet you at the restaurant. Isn’t it risky? No, it’s better this way.

You have to be there. Computers, you stay here, you’ll manage from here. Ezgi, be at the venue. Yusuf, stay tuned. So, if something urgent happens, Alparslan Episode 61 in Urdu Review you’ll be in touch. I have another important meeting with the president today. Let’s keep in touch, okay? thriller continues Guys, let’s concentrate on the plan. Here you go. Good luck with. tension music continues thriller music rises slow music unintelligible speech female Thank you very much.

As I said, our only goal as a foundation is to reach more children. Influencing more children’s futures. That’s what we’re all working for here. Alparslan Episode 61 in Urdu Review That’s why this participation makes us very happy. Many countries talk about your training and development program, Ms. Narin. You are said to be an expert in finding future executive leaders. Glad to hear that. In fact, we are all working for a better Turkey. emotional music I’ll be right back, excuse me.

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