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Hi viewers we’re today explain our Kurtlar Vadisi Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles free Download Episode. Prvious episodes we post our previous website. From now on we will upload this series on this site. As you know we are struggling too much to give you better platefrom for turkish serkish in Urdu Subtitles.

As you know this serial based on Mafia missions. Pollat name person get interfare by turkish intellligence to mafia’s gange. he achieve a better posision in them. Now his missin to prtect his country from all treator and gange mafias. He left his family and fiancy by declare his death a car accident incident. Chef name person change his face with latest plastic surgery and learn him all new information about pollat alemdar.

Polat alemdar had a uncle only in this world and they didnt meet before so Polat intriduce as Pollat Alemdar. His actuall father is Omer ustad. He have many passions and also he is calling in mosque. He took adobe from orphanige. Pollat Alemdar devote his life to sevice of his country . Now he is in Valley of Woles. Its mafia’s pusu. A united group of mafia group. Now his only misson is to revealed their faces to whole world.

This series so old and film by trt 1. all chractors are not involed in any negitive activites. and no one were hurt by any weapon. This series represent turkish under corp missions. Those are not belongs to any atcuall place or person. hope you will enjoye. , I can’t feel my arms. drop me home Or wait, I’ll stop by somewhere else first. Let’s stop by and get some rest first, the nurse lady is right.

Come on, Omer, come on. If only we had informed the doctor. If only he had checked. Thanks thanks. Thanks. tension music For God’s sake, commissar, where are we going now? You just got up. Let me drop you off at home, have a good rest, come to yourself. Omar to the stadium. Shh, come on Omer, come on. -Ok. Let’s go, come on. I’m fine my cousin, I’m fine. Pelin, I’m really fine.

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I’m even going home now. OK, I’ll call you when I get home. We talk for a long time. Pelin, one second. Stop, don’t turn it off. Have my father’s test results come out? Is it good? Ok. Ok darling. Me too. Ll see. Commissioner, why did you get up? You should’ve just got some rest. But you got your serum out. It was already over. Don’t get up right away, but you’ll feel dizzy. more

Watch Kurtlar Vadisi Episode 11 with Urdu Subtitles on turkce urdu

Watch Kurtlar Vadisi Episode 11 with Urdu Subtitles on turkceurdu

turkceurdu Kurtlar Vadisi 11 with Urdu Subtitles

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